It has begun..

dialysis machine pic

With kidney failure, symptoms seem to creep up and surprise me day by day. The toxins slowly multiplying and spreading around my body. Many days seem normal and then others do not.

A few weeks ago I started dialysis. First learning at the hospital, letting the nurses explain the life saving machine and how it will pump liquid into my body and with the magic glucose solution pull ( remember osmosis from biology class) the toxins out of the blood and into the fluid, draining it out of my body for good. This cycle happening 4 times each treatment for 8 hours hopefully while I sleep.

That’s the idea anyway. Given how unwell I was feeling though a decision to speed up the process seemed a good idea and believe me with the toxins making me nauseous, twitchy, weak I was really to have the filtering begin — So I started this journey with 8 hour treatments back to back with a 4 hour break in between a nice cold weekend in February.

Now, as I see this machine beside me at work, I wonder at the miracle of it all, as it quietly pumps away, and realize how lucky I am to have this machine in my house. The supplies I need stacked in boxes in the next room and delivered to my door. The doctors and nurses advising me and ready to be feeling stronger again.

I may not be lucky to have had this disease and all the sickness of in my body but I know and feel dam lucky to have all this around me, my husband supporting me and the prospect of feeling stronger and better again ready to move on.

Here is a visual idea of the process:


so many boxes of supplies delivered every few weeks…

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