A few weeks in.. I am waiting for the “wow” moment of strength and recovery but have resigned to a slow journey with serious ups and downs throughout.

Still throwing up regularly and watching my blood pressure fluctuate is hard but I do feel stronger and ready to face the world a few hours each day.

There is nothing like a family day to inspire you. Managed a trip to Toronto with my husband to spend the afternoon with my brother and the few moments out in the sun walking along lake Ontario were enough to give me a big smile on my face.

Now with Monday afternoon in full swing I feel somewhat ready to tackle some things that need priority. Discipline, routine, food and water intake, vitals monitoring, naps.. appointments..

My husband is great at structure and discipline.. me well not as much. But I realize that I need to incorporate so much in my healing process and each thing is important and needs a space in every day.

Dialysis  checkmarkwound cleaningcheckmark    check blood pressure  checkmark   check blood sugarcheckmark     eat checkmark drink watercheckmark  power napcheckmark  eat againcheckmark

The eating thing has been hard. With little appetite but still the need to get in nutrients and protein I have to tackle this challenge. My husband of coarse has ideas ready for me.. Eggs he says.. okay eggs it is, and then I add protein powder in a shake and as my brother insists a protein bar each day.


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