Ingredients needed for a great meal..

We eat everyday. Food sustains us. Especially with chronic illness.. food is important – a necessity. But it can also be messy and difficult. Appetite goes up and down. Some days you barely want to eat and other days you husband gasps as you ask for seconds and third helpings. Then there is the irritable bowls, and the cramps, diarrhea and bathroom disasters. But its all part of the messy world of health troubles.

The bonus. I do love food. Healthy food. Real Food. In university I was and well I still am fascinated with food politics and even did research into agriculture politics and trade etc. I am am passionate about food education, supporting local farms and education our children about where food comes from.

But here at home, the daily grind of meal prep and routines can be frustrating. There is no break.. one needs to eat every day. ( Lets not even start about the dishes)

Usually we try to make a couple of meals a week and in between eat leftovers, something from the freezer and once in a while we eat out.

What’s the key I think to myself.. what makes for a good food day?

  • Mix of leftovers and ingredients, perhaps some ideas from a recipe
  • Being together in the kitchen. My husband is great at meat prep and making “sofrito” ( Spanish name for the chopped onion, celery and sometimes green pepper which forms the basis for most sauces, soups and stews) and I am the “concept person” and organize the meal and collect ingredients etc…this team work forms the basis for a great meal!!
  • A few candles
  • ice water on the table
  • satisfaction as we see each other ask for or help ourselves to second servings
  • the thank you we say to each other at the end of the meal , feeling the connections and satisfaction of creating and enjoying a healthy meal

Some days… I tackle some baking, scones, cornbread, muffins, gluten free cheese puffs.. other days I go all out and make my favorite raw chocolate truffles. But mostly its putting on some music, rolling up our sleeves.. and once again making some yummy, easy , healthy food for our bellies.


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One Response to Ingredients needed for a great meal..

  1. Sonya says:

    I really enjoyed reading this Linden. I was happy to see you posting again. I guess you felt inspired!


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