Food Inspiration

This winter hibernating inside and with a schedule full of dialysis treatments and physio sessions I found myself needing some invigoration. Some purpose…while I focused on getting stronger. So I fell in love with reading again. Hunting down recommendations from friends and beloved authors newest novels.

I also found myself once again inspired by food. We have always tried to eat healthy and from scratch. I grew up this way with a mother who loved to cook and prided herself on feeding us homemade meals everyday. But like many things the inspiration ebbs and flows depending on energy levels, busyness and many things. But this winter I found myself reaching for new cookbooks, and new cuisines for ideas and new spices to incorporate in our food. I enjoyed preparing meals for dinner as a achievement and accomplishment to my day. Nothing fancy, as we try not to blow our entire budget on fancy ingredients but I found myself seeking out new indian spices, asian sauces, vinegars and oils. Trying to make my own version of curry and dahl, so I could keep it mild and flavorful and not too hot so I can’t taste my meal. I made up my own version of a pad thai, with ground pork and rice noodles that has become a favorite at dinner time. I tried a congee, and egg drop soup and found new simple comforting meals to enjoy. I was gifted an airfryer during the year and tried my own chicken strips with waffles, parmesan crusted eggplant and some other fun “fried” foods. Reaching out to international flavours, I found seeking out other cuisines “simple dishes” made for something new for us. And often other than some new seasonings, they were made from things we had in our cupboards.

Now… as Spring and warm weather is finally upon us.. I am once again invigorated by all things fresh and seasonal. I am a big believer in whole foods and also seasonal cooking. Fresh and local is what spring, summer and fall in Canada is all about. Winter is a bit more tricky as I don’t have space to freeze or can too much but now that spring is here.. I am eager to find the local produfoodcollagece around me.

This week I purchasd the first asparagus, and have already had some roasted w butter and salt. Nothing compares. I can feel an asparagus soup and asparagus rissotto on the horizon.

It makes me happy that while in this period of transition with days at the gym, dialysis treatments and doctor’s visits I can still find space and time to focus on healthy food for me and my husband and find enjoyment in the process.


Taking this course this spring. I have taken many from Heather, and always enjoy the inspiration. I do them with a great friend who lives in  Vermont and we share the



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