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Food Inspiration

This winter hibernating inside and with a schedule full of dialysis treatments and physio sessions I found myself needing some invigoration. Some purpose…while I focused on getting stronger. So I fell in love with reading again. Hunting down recommendations from … Continue reading

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Harm from Helping

I read the headlines of the “sixty’s scoop’ hearing in Ontario and the judge ruling in favour of the plaintiffs and it felt like a win for the journey of reconciliation in child welfare. The headlines soon faded in my … Continue reading

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My boots.

This past autumn. if you were on Instagram, you may have seen a few of these pictures. I even googled it and there it was on the list fall photos you will see on everyone’s social media. What picture you … Continue reading

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having enough

Thinking a lot about happiness. In these times, in this society it feels like everything has to be “right now”. Instant gratification. A weird type of insanity we live in that everything is available and accessible to us all the … Continue reading

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What about “the partner”?

What is commitment, marriage and for that matter Love?? What does it really mean to be chronically ill most of your life which forces you to change so many plans and make so many sacrifices.. what does that mean to … Continue reading

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Ingredients needed for a great meal..

We eat everyday. Food sustains us. Especially with chronic illness.. food is important – a necessity. But it can also be messy and difficult. Appetite goes up and down. Some days you barely want to eat and other days you … Continue reading

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my word for 2016 …Create

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Down and up again.

I may get knocked down but I get up again… never going to keep me down. Definitely one of my mantra’s .. I say it to my self many times as go through the ups and downs of my disease. … Continue reading

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Forced Slowness

A few weeks ago I was listening to this interview on Q on CBC radio. I stole the title of this blog post from the interview title as it resonated so strongly with me. Stuart Murdoch was being interviewed abut … Continue reading

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Easter is one of those yearly family holidays. In addition to Christmas and Thanksgiving, Easter traditionally means traveling to see family and enjoy some laughter, food, eggs and chocolate. This year I find myself reflecting as I often do about … Continue reading

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