My boots.

This past autumn. if you were on Instagram, you may have seen a few of these pictures. I even googled it and there it was on the list fall photos you will see on everyone’s social media. What picture you may ask? The my boots in the leaves picture, or boots in autumn… it the shot taken of your own two feet, sporting your usually knee high or ankle boots, with colorful leaves all around on the ground. Nothing is wrong with this picture of coarse. Nothing at all. Infact. I have a pair of boots I love, you know the ones, the ones that you bought when you really wanted a pair of high boots, but they were always to expensive and not necessary and then one day, you just did it and bought a pair, paid too much and loved them

I had a pair of those, and wore them with skinny jeans or black leggings. They were loved.

This fall past, mine did not get worn, they did not even get brought up from the basement where they spend the summer months. I thought about them often and of those pictures on the Instagram feed but did not get the chance to take my own photo.

I lost my leg this fall. My right leg below the knee. It was very sudden and not at all expected. A small injury that felt like nothing, turned into something big overnight and before I knew it, surgeons were visited and surgery date booked and panic ensued. Then it was over. The panic left and reality settled in. No more boots, no more many things.

Everything has gone well, and my body adjusted and in fact feels quite good these days but life is different in a wheelchair and will be different once I get my prosthetic leg. Many things have changed and in some moments I do feel some grief. I allow myself a moment of sadness for the loss. Before looking up and thinking of walking next spring with my prosthetic leg down by the river. You know I think I will take a picture of that.


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